A couple of improvements – I hope!

By | January 7, 2013

filmWell, today we’re a little short on content, but that’s mostly because I’ve been trying to jazz things up here a bit. I still haven’t quite solved the problem of how to put titles on the videos, but I have improved them some. I hope to have the titling problem resolved by tomorrow. And we’ll be back with more substantive content then; I have a whole bunch of neat ideas for posts for the near future!

Also, I have added a SUBSCRIPTION option to the site! It’s located right below the “recent posts” listing in the right sidebar. Basically, this is an opportunity for you to become part of my dynamic and participating community (consisting at this moment – 1/5/13 – of exactly one member – me. Be the #2 registrant and you’ll get a special secret prize!) Subscription gives you a chance to get a message when I make one of my fascinating new posts, as well as to be notified about any comments made. You have full freedom to select how much you receive or don’t receive. I solemnly promise¬† that all registrations will be kept confidential; no spam will ever result from a registration here. BTW, the term “subscription” may be a little misleading; I will never charge for membership here. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation folks say, “Information wants to be free.”

Well, not absolutely free; I do retain my copyright on all my posts. But if you want to use one of my posts to submit as an essay for a school paper, just let me know and I’m likely to say “yes.” Just tell me what grade you eventually get on it, and any comments made by the instructor, so that I can decide whether public praise or pillorying for him or her is in order.

Finally, I have also added a selection of links to other blogs and columns on which I have weighed in with my comments or reactions (the formatting needs improvement, but I’m working on it.) As I noted in my post on last December 23 (“Participation through comment“), I’ve had a lot of fun with these comments, and I hope that I’ve been able to stimulate a few thoughts in the process; occasionally I get into an argument with someone, but for the most part reactions have been positive. Although my primary allegiance is now to this blog, I will of course continue to participate in other discussions as well. A number of these discussions will probably end up being fodder for discussions here as well. You may have to scroll down a bit to find my comments if you’re interested, but they are generally worth it. I’ll try to keep these links recent, relevant, and substantive – my occasionally snarky feedback on places like the Huffington Post probably won’t get linked here (though they are occasionally priceless.)

By the way, I actually met Arianna Huffington back in the early 1990’s, when she was still “Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington”, the wife of millionaire Michael Huffington and becoming newly anointed as a board member for the Claremont Graduate School (now “University” – grade inflation isn’t confined to individual students), where I was then teaching in the Department (now “School”) of Psychology. That’s back when she was still a conservative. How time flies when you’re having fun!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions at all about the subscription/registration process or any other aspect of the blog/website. I hope that this will be an interactive medium, after all!