New art

By | February 3, 2013

printcopy2thmbAs  you may have noticed, I’ve added a bit of Japanese art as background to this blog. I felt that it looked a little bland and excessively centered. In these days of extreme positions of one sort or another, being in the middle isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however, I think that it’s important to be aware of the universe of discourse within which these posts are being made.

I’ve undertaken to provide both left and right wings to the site. As you’ll notice, they are both suitably fierce and confrontational. My aim is to provide a zone of relative calm between the contenders. It’s not that I intend to be bland or even non-confrontational; you’ll find me taking some fairly extreme positions of various sorts from time to time. However, you’ll probably have some difficulty locating them on a conventional left/right spectrum.  I tend to operate within a sort of political string theory; generally no less than eleven dimensions are required to categorize most of my positions. [I’ll expand on this in an other post soon.]

The particular prints from which these images are taken came into my family in 1953, when my father, a US Army officer serving in Japan, visited Fukuoka in southern Japan, and purchased the book of prints. They are all classic woodblock prints, made between about 1815 and 1845, on traditional subjects. Originally, there were about 32 prints in the book; over the years, a number have been removed and framed separately for family members. The specific artists are generally unknown (although there was one original Hiroshige print glued to the back of another one; this was rather carefully removed and separately framed.) But they are all stylish, some enormously intricate, and overall excellent examples of classic Japanese art.

Over time, I may be moving these around, or adding others – or I may change the entire format. We’ll see. But for the meantime, that’s what these are (and yes, they are my property to use in this fashion.)

By the way, I’ve also put together a new logo for my site. I haven’t  quite figured out where to use it, but I do believe that it embodies the key concepts of “two boards” and “most if the idea”. Let me know how you like it: