Back to Life, Back to Reality

By | April 8, 2013

reality2Well, my friends, it is high time that I got back to putting ideas before the public. Grieving for my friend Tora has gone on long enough. She was always one for getting on with things, and not letting oneself get distracted by epiphenomena. So beginning today, I’m going to try to resume a regular schedule of postings to this blog.

One minor note before I resume: it is interesting to note that for a brief period, Tora’s final gift to me was increase my modest readership to unheard-of levels – one day, as high as 165 (this from a baseline of approximately 20.) I was briefly the number three listing on Google under the heading, “Tora Bikson.” I was enormously flattered to be considered such a resource, but at the same time realizing at what cost. The following graph shows changes in my readership from Feb. 1 until now. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing – the regular readership, or the temporary spike due solely to tragedy:bloghits


At any rate, I hope that we will be able to pursue the idea of the “festschrift” that I raised originally a couple of months ago. John King and others have raised some possibilities worth pursuing.

In the long run, Tora’s real memorial is her body of work and influence. That will be with us as long as fine and insightful behavioral science research is valued.