Request for comments

By | June 4, 2014

Well, here’s something different. I’ve recently dug out some material that I originally put together as introductions to various organizational research modules while at Trident U. However, they have long since ceased to use any of it, so I thought it might be worth bringing out of storage.

Strictly speaking, it’s probably two separate essays, one on research quality and one on levels of analysis. However, what ties these two sets of ideas together is the fact that it really isn’t possible to do quality organizational research without attending carefully to the issue of levels of analysis. I’ve been trying to convey this to some new grad students recently, and I thought that this rather longish essay might serve some purpose along these lines.

I’ve tentatively titled this essay “A disquisition on organizational research quality and its relationship to levels of analysis – draft”, and posted it as a separate page on this blog, available here. If you have an opportunity to read the essay through, I strongly hope that you will use the comments feature to offer suggestions,m reservations, amendments, criticisms, and anything else that comes to mind.

I hope that some of you might have this opportunity. I will be doing further edits on it over time, and I will always have a marked-up version available so that such edits can be tracked.

Thanks for your attention to this. I hope that over time, I will evolve something worth publishing.