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Education as a market (Part 2)

By | June 11, 2013

One of the fascinating things about the Internet is that it gives us an opportunity to meet new people and connect in some fairly meaningful ways – often people whom we would in our ordinary run of life never encounter. In my case, one of these people is a very interesting gentleman

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Education as a market

By | June 2, 2013

houseThere has been an interesting debate recently on one of the Chronicle of Higher Education blogs about a new educational start-up called “Udemy”, which is essentially an open marketplace in which individual teachers create and manage their own courses, dealing directly with individual students and splitting their fees with the company.

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Transfering ideas and skills (Part 2)

By | January 23, 2013

seekerAt one point in the CHE discussion on transferability of ideas across courses, a participant noted that students graduating from their program often expressed concern as to whether all they had taken added up to anything useful in the Real World. As conditions out there become increasingly difficult particularly for new graduates, this is a completely legitimate concern,

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Academic generations

By | December 29, 2012

I’ve just uploaded to my Online Papers page the final version of the study that I did with Ruthann Russo and Stephen Fitzgerald and others, entitled “Improving Physician Clinical Documentation Quality: Evaluating Two Self-Efficacy-Based Training Programs“. I had previously uploaded a semi-final version, but Steve was kind enough to send me the final published version.

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