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The virtue of compliance?

By | July 12, 2014

Yet another interesting exchange on a LinkedIn board inspires this column – in this case, a question posed by Jari Metsämuuronen, a Finnish researcher looking at how different measures of educational performance are related. Toward the end of the exchange, he made the interesting observation that: “…the external test score [was] less predictable in comparison with teachers’ marks… Read More »

Blessing and misfortune – a Moral Tale

By | May 4, 2014

This is one of my favorite stories, a real Moral Tale. I used to use it with my students. It’s alternatively attributed to the Sufi, the Taoists, the followers, of Zen, and half a dozen other sources, but that really doesn’t matter. And like all good Moral Tales, it encourages us not to see the story as complete… Read More »