So you’re trying to learn and use statistics – and maybe finding yourself lost in a cloud of words like this:


 Wouldn’t it help to work with a teacher who knows this stuff really well?

Who can help you master what you need to know?

Who can help you distinguish what’s important from what’s just confusing?

Wouldn’t you like to work directly with an experienced teacher who’s willing to devote full attention to YOU, rather than someone out of a tutoring factory?

To work with a highly published researcher with a great track record, rather than someone just out of school?

JD has been teaching and using all kinds of statistics with students at all academic levels for many years. He’s very good at explaining why the math works and how you can use it, even if you’re not a math whiz yourself.
Statistics is really more about applied psychology and clear thinking than it is about math. It’s just a set of tools to help you avoid the errors that come from looking at some data and thinking you understand it – when your conclusions could easily be due to just chance.
It’s really about self-protection from errors in human thinking. Wikipedia identifies over 135 systematic errors that are very easy to fall into. Statistics and good quantitative research methods can help us think and write more effectively.
JD is also an expert at using both SPSS and Microsoft Excel for statistical analyses. He can help you work out how these tools apply to your problems. He can also help point you toward many other statistical and research online tools.
Statistics is like a foreign language – it’s got a lot of complex and strange-sounding terms and sometimes absurdly formal ways of saying simple things. But there’s a good reason for everything.  The aim is precision. JD will help you through by explaining the Big Ideas.
Three of the Big Ideas in research are INQUIRY, DATA, and MODELS. Fold your brain around these ideas and you’re well on your way


Take a look around the website and the blog, the online publications, the videos, and the resources available. It’s all part of the complete professional package!
Here are JD’s thoughts about what makes for effective teaching and learning.

Here are some recommendations from folks JD has helped:


Julie M.
41d ago

JD was wonderful. He helped me make sense of the statistics I needed for my dissertation. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and easily available. I highly recommend JD for any statistical help you need.

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